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‘Forever Chemicals’ in Thousands of Private Wells Near Military Sites, Study Finds

New research finds that private wells near more than 82% of select military sites were contaminated with PFAS chemicals.

GOP Presidential Hopefuls Use Trump’s Covid Record to Court Vaccine Skeptics

Candidates see former President Donald Trump’s embrace of his administration’s covid-19 vaccine policies as an opportunity to gain ground. So far, their efforts haven’t found traction.

Medicaid ‘Unwinding’ Makes Other Public Assistance Harder to Get

The bottleneck caused by states’ reevaluation of Medicaid enrollees has swept up low-income families that rely on other safety-net services.

‘Everybody in This Community Has a Gun’: How Oakland Lost Its Grip on Gun Violence

A few years ago, Oakland won national acclaim for slashing gun-related crimes. Then the covid-19 pandemic tore through poor neighborhoods, and the murder of George Floyd fueled distrust in police. With guns readily available, violent crime has once again skyrocketed, leaving the community struggling to contain it.

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