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Welcome to KFF Health News

In these dire times for the news industry, the birth of a news organization is a rare bright spot. We hope KFF Health News will make a vital contribution by covering health care policy and politics, as well as trends in the industry and delivery of care. With an historic debate on the health system underway, we’re looking forward to having a front-row seat.

KFF Health News is an editorially independent program of the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit private operating foundation known for its expertise in health care policy. We’ll do in-depth stories from Washington and around the country, analyze the biggest news developments and present timely interviews with key players. We’ll also offer Kaiser’s trademark daily roundup of the nation’s most important health care news stories.

Our stories and multimedia features will appear on this Web site and be made available to interested news organizations at no charge. 

Our reporters and editors, from news organizations as varied as The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Baltimore Sun, USA Today and Congressional Quarterly, share a passion for figuring out the maddeningly intricate health care system and its impact on people. To start things off, we look at a variety of topics, all related in some way to the coming showdown in Washington over health care.

Jordan Rau explores why New Jersey is one of the most expensive places in the country for health care, and why that’s a problem for policymakers. Julie Appleby and Mary Agnes Carey handicap possible outcomes of the congressional debate. Freelancer Karen Brown provides insights-and a warning of sorts for lawmakers-on continued unhappiness with the individual insurance requirement in Massachusetts. And White House health czar Nancy Ann DeParle answers questions about the road ahead.

In addition, Kate Steadman offers short sketches of some of the biggest players in the health care debate, while our columnists debate the merits–and demerits–of reform, as well as the role of long-term care in the discussion.

A word of thanks to the Kaiser Family Foundation for having the vision to create KFF Health News and to all our new colleagues here. They have welcomed us with warmth and patience.

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