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Experts: US Hospitals Prone to Cyberattacks Like One That Hurt Patient Care at Ascension

Clinicians working for Ascension hospitals in multiple states described harrowing lapses, including delayed or lost lab results, medication errors, and an absence of routine safety checks to prevent potentially fatal mistakes.

California Leaders Tussle With Health Industry Over Billions of New Dollars for Medi-Cal

Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to pull funds earmarked for new investment in Medi-Cal to help plug California’s $45 billion deficit. A state budget passed June 13 by the legislature largely endorsed Newsom’s plan. Voters could settle the matter in an industry-backed initiative that has qualified for the November ballot.

‘We’re Flying Blind’: CDC Has 1M Bird Flu Tests Ready, but Experts See Repeat of Covid Missteps

Three months into the U.S. bird flu outbreak, only 45 people have been tested. Laboratories that are the foundation of diagnostic testing have yet to get approval to detect the bird flu virus. They say their path forward has been slowed by miscommunication and uncertainty from the CDC and FDA.

A Tale of Two States: Arizona and Florida Diverge on How To Expand Kids’ Health Insurance

Both Florida and Arizona want to expand eligibility for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, known as CHIP, but their approaches to charging low-income families premiums for the coverage showcase the nation’s ideological divide on helping the disadvantaged.

Navigating Aging

Older Women Are Different Than Older Men. Their Health Is Woefully Understudied.

The White House has launched an initiative on women’s health. Studying the health of older women, a largely neglected group in medical research, should be a priority.

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KFF Health News' 'What the Health?': SCOTUS Rejects Abortion Pill Challenge — For Now 

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