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List Of Potential Medicare And Medicaid Cuts Stirs Washington

Washington is abuzz about a spreadsheet that was leaked this morning outlining potential Medicare and Medicaid savings that could end up in a deal to raise the federal debt ceiling. The summary is an outline of areas that House and Senate negotiators discussed during debt ceiling negotiations with Vice President Joe Biden, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., told reporters Tuesday. The summary includes possible increases in beneficiary cost sharing, or lower payments to nursing homes, home health and clinical laboratory services, as well as changes to supplemental Medicare insurance coverage known as Medigap.

The list, which totals between $334 billion and $353 billion in savings over the next decade, also includes a potential $100 billion in Medicaid cuts – possibly from a blended rate of Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Payments to states.

A PDF of the spreadsheet can be viewed below.

Download the full PDF file.

Phil Galewitz contributed to this report.