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Medicaid for Millions in America Hinges on Deloitte-Run Systems Plagued by Errors

The technology has generated notices with errors, sent Medicaid paperwork to the wrong addresses, and been frozen for hours at a time, according to state audits, court documents, and interviews. While it can take months to fix problems, America’s poorest residents pay the price.

Bill Of The Month

It’s Called an Urgent Care Emergency Center — But Which Is It?

Suffering stomach pain, a Dallas man visited his local urgent care clinic — or so he thought, until he got a bill 10 times what he’d expected.

Young Gay Latinos See Rising Share of New HIV Cases, Leading to Call for Targeted Funding

Since being diagnosed with HIV in 2022, Fernando Hermida has had to move three times to access treatment. A KFF Health News-Associated Press analysis found gay and bisexual Latino men account for a fast-growing proportion of new diagnoses and infections, showing they are falling behind in the fight against HIV.

The Injured

Super Bowl Parade Shooting Survivors Await Promised Donations While Bills Pile Up

Families of the people hurt during the Feb. 14 mass shooting are carrying what one expert calls “victimization debt.” In the third story of our series “The Injured,” we learn about the strain of paying small and large medical bills and other out-of-pocket costs.

KFF Health News On Air

Journalists Discuss Bird Flu, Tick-Borne Illnesses, and Lessons From Covid Response

KFF Health News and California Healthline staff made the rounds on national and local media in recent weeks to discuss topical stories. Here’s a collection of their appearances.

Weekly Podcast

KFF Health News' 'What the Health?': Live From Aspen: Health and the 2024 Elections

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‘The Last Straw?’

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