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The Powerful Constraints on Medical Care in Catholic Hospitals Across America

The expansion of Catholic hospitals nationwide leaves patients at the mercy of the church’s religious directives, which are often at odds with accepted medical standards.

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In California, Faceoff Between Major Insurer and Health System Shows Hazards of Consolidation

Even as Anthem Blue Cross and University of California Health announced a contract agreement this month, analysts say patients are increasingly at risk of being affected by such disputes.

Patients See First Savings From Biden’s Drug Price Push, as Pharma Lines Up Its Lawyers

A restructuring of the Medicare drug benefit has wiped out big drug bills for people who need expensive medicines. But the legal battle over drug negotiations means uncertainty over long-term savings.

Southern Lawmakers Rethink Long-Standing Opposition to Medicaid Expansion

While many Republican state lawmakers remain firmly against Medicaid expansion, some key leaders in holdout states are showing a willingness to reconsider. Public opinion, financial incentives, and widening health care needs make resistance harder.

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