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Will a ‘National Patient Safety Board,’ Modeled After the NTSB, Actually Fly?

A push is underway to create a National Patient Safety Board modeled after the National Transportation Safety Board, an independent federal agency that investigates plane crashes and other transportation disasters. But unlike the NTSB, some patient safety advocates say, the current proposal is toothless and wouldn’t provide transparency about the nation’s hospitals.

California Confronts the Threat of ‘Tranq’ as Overdose Crisis Rages

California officials are stepping up efforts to combat the spread of xylazine, a powerful animal sedative that’s increasingly being used by people, often with devastating results. It’s mostly been an East Coast phenomenon, but ‘tranq,’ as it is known, is beginning to appear in the Golden State.

The Gun Violence Epidemic Is ‘Locking Us Back in Our Room’

As the leading cause of death for teens, firearm injuries are detrimental to more than just physical health. It takes a major toll on young people’s mental health.

The Debt Ceiling Deal Takes a Bite Out of Health Programs. It Could Have Been Much Worse.

A bipartisan deal to raise the government’s borrowing limit dashed Republican hopes for new Medicaid work requirements and other health spending cuts. Democrats secured the compromise by making relatively modest concessions, including ordering the return of unspent covid funds and limiting other health spending.

Navigating Aging

How to Negotiate With Resistant Aging Parents? Borrow These Tips From the Business World

Negotiation techniques can help health care providers and family caregivers find common ground with older adults who resist advice or support.

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