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2013 Medicare Readmissions Penalties By Region

Medicare evaluated the readmission rates of 3,104 hospitals in determining the first year of penalties in the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, ultimately penalizing 71 percent of those hospitals.

The first column in this chart lists 305 hospital referral regions, which are area health care markets identified by the Dartmouth Atlas. The second column in this chart shows how many hospitals in each hospital referral region had at least 25 heart attack, heart failure or pneumonia cases, Medicare’s threshold for evaluation. The third column shows how many of those hospitals Medicare decided to penalize. The rightmost column shows the average of penalties and non-penalties. For a list of individual hospitals, look at this PDF chart or download a csv file of the data. For more information read our methodology.

Please note: The penalties do not apply to Maryland hospitals, as that state has a unique reimbursement arrangement with Medicare, and thus Maryland is not included in this table. Medicare also decided to exclude Puerto Rico hospitals, so they are not included either.

Click any column heading in the table below to re-sort the data.

Source: Kaiser Health News analysis of data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Dartmouth Atlas. Chart updated on Oct. 22 with CMS’s corrected penalties.

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