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A Young Latina In Baltimore Struggles To Keep Her Family Healthy


Mom Marlene (left) and daughter Nathaly (right) are finally insured with a special program. Younger daughter Stephanie (center) has had more access to care because she is a U.S. citizen. (Mary Wiltenburg for KHN)

Nathaly Uribe works in a busy insurance office in East Baltimore. But while she sells car and home insurance all day, she can’t afford health coverage for herself.

Uribe is a DREAMer, meaning she qualifies for the Obama administration’s “deferred action” program for people who came to this country as small children. Her mother is undocumented and her sister is a citizen.

Reporting for WYPR and Kaiser Health News, Mary Wiltenburg explores how this mix of immigration status and low income have been barriers to health care for the family.

Listen to the radio story below and click here to read more.


The Annie E. Casey Foundation supports KHN’s coverage of health disparities in East Baltimore.

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