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Democratic Debate Brings ‘Medicare For All’ Divide Into Focus

(Caitlin Hillyard/KHN illustration; Getty Images)

Reverberations from the Democratic presidential debate last week continue. One of the key issues that the candidates discussed was health care, and they had some differences in their plans, especially their views of a “Medicare for All” policy.

Julie Rovner, the chief Washington correspondent for Kaiser Health News, joined NPR’s Sarah McCammon on “Weekend Edition Saturday” to discuss the candidates’ comments on Medicare for All, health care for undocumented immigrants and the Hyde Amendment, which bars federal funding for most abortions. That conversation can be found here.

KHN correspondent Shefali Luthra was interviewed by NPR’s Michel Martin on “All Things Considered” Saturday to discuss the candidates’ divergent views of Medicare for All. That conversation can be found here.

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