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Hospitalists & Health Costs; Treating Substance Abuse

Every week, Kaiser Health News reporter Shefali S. Kulkarni compiles a selection of recently released health policy studies and briefs for Kaiser Health News’ Daily Report.

This week in Research Roundup:

  • The Annals of Internal Medicine weighs the costs and benefits of hospitalist care.
  • The Journal of Cancer Survivorship looks at the out-of-pocket costs of cancer medications for patients covered by Medicare.
  • Health Affairs compares the paperwork burden on doctors in Canada vs. the United States.
  • Health Affairs examines the financial costs of following USDA dietary guidelines.
  • Also in Health Affairs, a look at the effect of the health law on substance abuse treatment.
  • The Journal of General Internal Medicine considers how drug effectiveness statistics are framed in messages to doctors and their patients.

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