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Presidential Election Could Decide Fate of Extra Obamacare Subsidies

Most states that saw enrollment in the Obamacare marketplace double from 2020 to 2024 are in the South. But the enhanced federal subsidies that attracted people with $0 premiums and low out-of-pocket costs will expire next year.

An Obscure Drug Discount Program Stifles Use of Federal Lifeline by Rural Hospitals

A disconnect between two federal programs meant to help keep hospitals afloat discourages struggling rural facilities from accepting the aid.

Safety-Net Health Clinics Cut Services and Staff Amid Medicaid ‘Unwinding’

One of Montana’s largest safety-net health centers announced it will lay off nearly 10% of its workforce because of revenue losses it attributes to vast Medicaid disenrollments. Such cuts are happening elsewhere too.

Farmworkers Face High-Risk Exposures to Bird Flu, but Testing Isn’t Reaching Them

Federal officials are offering $75 to dairy workers who agree to be tested for bird flu. Advocates say the payments aren’t enough to protect workers from lost wages and health care costs if they test positive.

Tennessee Gives This Hospital Monopoly an A Grade — Even When It Reports Failure

Ballad Health, a 20-hospital system in Tennessee and Virginia, benefits from the largest state-sanctioned hospital monopoly in the United States and is the only option for hospital care for a large swath of Appalachia.

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