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Map: In Poor Baltimore Neighborhoods, Life Expectancy Similar to Developing Countries

Residents of Roland Park, Baltimore’s wealthiest neighborhood, live to an average age of 84 — matching the life expectancy of Japan, the nation where citizens live longer, on average, than any country in the world. In Sandtown, where Freddie Gray lived and the median household income is less than a quarter of Roland Park’s, the life expectancy is 70 years. That’s matches the average life expectancy in North Korea, an impoverished dictatorship where millions suffer from chronic undernourishment, according to the United Nations.

At 66 years, Downtown/Seton Hill and Greenmount East have the city’s lowest life expectancy, matching India and Pakistan.

Infographic by Madeleine Deason, Joey Trull and Rose Creasman Welcome, Capital News Service

Source: 2013 data from Baltimore City Health Department, World Health Organization.

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