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Table: States Cutting Back On Medicaid Benefits



Arizona Denture coverage and specified dental services
California Multiple optional services for non-pregnant, non-institutionalized adults including acupuncture, dental (with exceptions), audiology, speech, optometry, podiatry, psychology services and chiropractic services and incontinence creams and washes
Connecticut Over-the-counter drugs (OTCs) except insulin, insulin syringes, and nutritionals for tube fed individuals
Hawaii Dental coverage (except emergency services)
New Hampshire Chiropractic care benefits
New Mexico Bariatric surgery. (The state also limited routine adult vision services and appliances)
Oregon Non-medical vision services. (The state also reduced dental services and denture coverage)
Virginia Disease management program. (The state also expanded mental health and dental prior authorizations requirements)


Arizona Most dental care, podiatry services, insulin pumps, percussive vests, bone-anchored hearing aids, cochlear implants, specified transplants, well exams, certain microprocessor-controlled prosthetics, all orthotics, and non-emergency transportation for childless adults (The state is also limiting outpatient physical therapy visits to 15 visits per contract year)
Kansas Attendant care provided in the local education agency setting. (The state is also limiting hospice services to 210 days)
Massachusetts Restorative dental services and dentures. (The state is also limiting coverage for most acute inpatient hospital stays to only the first 20 days)
North Carolina Obesity surgery, panniculectomy procedures, and maternal outreach worker program services. (The state is also imposing new coverage restrictions on breast surgery and personal care services and increasing its medical necessity standard)

Source: Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured using CMS and KCMU data