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AARP, Iowa Hospitals On Air To Defend Medicare, Medicaid

While some organizations are turning to social media to get their message out about possible Medicare and Medicaid cuts, others are relying on old-fashioned paid media on television and radio.  AARP and the Iowa Hospital Association are among the first on the air with messages for Congress and the super committee.


AARP’s ad focuses on possible cuts to Medicare and Social Security.  The organization says the spot is running nationally, mostly on broacast networks, but also some cable lifestyle channels.  It began airing Oct. 12, and its launch was tied to a “lobby day” in which nearly 500 AARP members and volunteers visited with members on Capitol Hill.

Here is a transcript of the ad:

I’m not a number.  I’m not a line item on a budget. And I’m definitely not a pushover. But I am a voter. So, Washington, before you even think about cutting my Medicare and Social Security benefits, here’s a number you should remember:  50 million. We are 50 million seniors who earned our benefits.  And you will be hearing from us.  Today and on election day.

Iowa Hospital Association

The Iowa Hospital Association is on the air statewide, with ads running on broadcast and cable stations, plus similar ads running on radio. These spots began running Oct. 3 and focus on the possible employment impact of cuts to Medicare and Medicaid in the Hawkeye State.

Here is a transcript of the television ad:

The pressure is on to reduce the federal budget deficit. But at what cost? Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid could cost Iowa hospital jobs. These jobs pay well and attract young families. And for every hospital job added, another job is created elsewhere. Hospitals put $6 billion jobs into the Iowa economy, and more than 137,000 Iowans are working because of hospitals. Tell your congressman cuts to Medicaid or Medicare are unacceptable. We can’t defeat the deficit by destroying good jobs.