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‘An Arm And A Leg’: Superheroes Of ‘Stuff’ Help Health Workers In NYC

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“An Arm and a Leg” is back — sooner than we expected  — with stories about how COVID-19 intersects with the cost of health care and how we can all respond.

We’re calling it SEASON-19.

We start in New York City — which many health experts say is a couple of weeks ahead of the rest of the country in fighting the pandemic — with a story about people coming together and making do in a crisis.

When front-line health care workers didn’t have what they needed to stay safe, a chain of makers, logisticians and communicators found one another, then rallied to put their do-it-yourself expertise to work.

The result: 1,500 protective face shields (and counting), a growing network of helpers and some hope.

SEASON-19 is a co-production of Kaiser Health News and Public Road Productions.

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