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Quick Start Guide For KFF Health News Partners

KFF Health News allows any news outlet to republish our original content for free. Our stories have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, on NPR and in thousands of other media outlets in the U.S. and globally.

We encourage your news organization to join us. You may publish any story in its entirety or use as background for a piece you’re working on. All we ask is that you credit “KFF Health News” and show us any edits before publication. Our full republishing guidelines answer all questions.

To get started quickly and easily, we have a few tools to help:

  • New From KFF Health News: A daily morning email alert runs down our newest stories, with notes on photos, illustrations, or data that are also free to republish. Email to subscribe.
  • Copy Story Text: At the top over every story is a “Republish This Story” blue button that links to a page where you can copy either clean text or HTML that can be pasted into newsroom’s content management system.
  • Get High-Res Images: For every story with photos that you also can republish, we gather the high-resolution image(s) and caption information into a Dropbox folder. Email to get the link, or to ask about any data visualizations, audio, video or other multimedia assets.
  • RSS Feeds: Embed our feeds on your page for automated story publication. This page offers links to some of the most popular topics, but we can provide links to many more. Email with inquiries.

Our partnerships team is eager to talk to you about our process or stories. Reach them at

Have any other questions or comments? Want to alert us that you republished a story? Use this contact us form or email us at