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What Obamacare Means For You

What Obamacare Means For You

We’re here to help you navigate your way around what the new health law will mean for you, your family and what health care — and insurance — will cost you.

New Health Insurance Marketplaces
A Very Quick Guide
How The Marketplaces Will Work
Video Series: Shopping For Coverage
Tips For New Obamacare Coverage: Stay In Network, Avoid Out-Of-Pocket Costs
The 10 Most Expensive Insurance Markets In The U.S. 
The 10 Least Expensive Health Insurance Markets In The U.S. 

Premium Costs
Five Things To Know About Obamacare Premiums
Premium Subsidies

Employment-Based Coverage
Changes To Employer-Sponsored Coverage
Grandfathered Health Plans

Coverage For Seniors
Seniors On Medicare And The Marketplaces
Obama Administration Proposes 1.9% Cut In Medicare Advantage Payments

Coverage For Young Adults
9 Things Millennials Need To Know
Options For Young Adults
8 Ways Young Women Benefit

More About Insurance Coverage And Benefits
8 Things To Know About Obamacare In 2014
FAQ: What Are The Penalties For Not Getting Insurance?
The Sign-Up Deadline Is March 31: A Consumer Guide
Warning: Opting Out Of Your Insurance Plan’s Provider Network Is Risky
Understanding the Individual Mandate
FAQ: If Your Individual Policy Is Canceled
Insurance Claim Costs
Contraception Benefits
Coverage For Immigrants
FAQ: How The Health Law Impacts Federal Employees’ Health Benefits

Other Changes Under The Health Law
Changes To Health Law Rules Include Extra Month To Enroll In 2015
Accountable Care Organizations

Full Text Of The 2010 Health Law

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

More Consumer Coverage From Michelle Andrews
Insuring Your Health