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What’s Next In 2011

What's Next In 2011

KFF Health News is following the health care debate going into 2011. In addition to a new Congress, the federal government is also busy trying to implement the health law passed last year. States in the meantime are also trying their hand at implementation, even as many of them take part in lawsuits challenging portions of the law.

Health On The Hill: Republicans Schedule Health Law Repeal Vote

Mary Agnes Carey and Jackie Judd

House Republicans have scheduled a Jan. 12 vote to repeal the health care law. While the measure is expected to pass the House, Democrats in the Senate have pledged to stop the bill. Several Democrats also have said that they welcome further debate on the health law and that the more consumers learn about it the more they will like it. Republicans say the law is too expensive and too intrusive.

Nine Ways The New Health Law May Affect You in 2011

KFF Health News Staff

In 2011 many new provisions of the health law kick in, providing benefits for many and potential new costs for some others. 

Health Care Battles To Surge Anew In 2011

KFF Health News Staff

KFF Health News reporters preview some of the big issues coming this year: The GOP’s fight to repeal the law and what the party can offer instead; states’ efforts to beat back growing Medicaid costs; consumers’ troubles affording care.

Insuring Your Health: Looking At The Changes 2011 Brings

Michelle Andrews

Michelle Andrews speaks with KFF’s Jackie Judd about changes in lifetime insurance limits, keeping children insured, the new high-risk pools, rising health costs and consumers’ misperceptions about the overhaul.