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Health Law’s March Madness

Health Law's March Madness

March marks the two-year anniversary of President Obama’s signing the health law as well as the Supreme Court’s consideration of the constitutionality of the law. To mark the occasion, KFF Health News is covering the anniversary from all angles:

Health Law's March MadnessEven Without Mandate, Health Law Would Still Affect Millions
By Julie Appleby, March 28
The health law is so comprehensive that even if the Supreme Court struck the insurance requirement, many provisions would survive.

Health Law's March MadnessDay 3: Vigorous Questions On Severability, Medicaid On Final Day
March 28
KFF Health News contributor Stuart Taylor, Jr. says the justices heard from opposing lawyers about issues as basic as “What is liberty?” and whether it’s better to “fix” flaws in legislation or scrap it entirely.

Health Law's March MadnessSlideshow: Demonstrators State Their Cases
By Jessica Marcy and Lexie Verdon, March 28
As oral arguments wound down at the Supreme Court, advocates for and against the health law seized the attention of media and passersby.

Health Law's March MadnessDay 2: Justices Grill Obama Administration On Health Law
March 27
KFF Health News contributor Stuart Taylor, Jr. says the conservative justices were especially skeptical of the individual mandate, asking sometimes-hostile questions of Solicitor General Donald Verrilli.

Health Law's March MadnessSlideshow: Citizens Gather At Supreme Court As Arguments Begin
By Jessica Marcy and Lexie Verdon, March 26
Inside the building, the high court hears oral arguments about the 2010 health law. Outside the building, Americans gather to express support or opposition to the law.

Health Law's March MadnessYour Guide To The Health Law At The Supreme Court, Day 1
March 26
The first day’s arguments focused on the Anti-Injunction Act and whether the court can rule on the case before a penalty is imposed on those who do not have health insurance.

Health Law's March MadnessHealth Law Accelerates Industry Changes
By Phil Galewitz, March 26
Experts don’t expect the Supreme Court’s ruling to alter the course of changes that have already occurred, such as Dr. Philip Ireland’s sale of his medical practice to a larger health system.

Health Law's March MadnessScorecard: What The Health Law Has Delivered, Or Not
March 23
KFF Health News compares data on the progress of the health law’s implementation to the original projections of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and the Obama administration.

Health Law's March MadnessHealth Industries Weigh In On Supreme Court Case
By Jay Hancock, March 22
Insurers aren’t taking a stand on whether the individual mandate is constitutional. But they’re clear on other parts of the law that should go if the Supreme Court strikes down the mandate.

Health Law's March MadnessA Timeline Of The Health Law’s Milestones And Regulations
By Andrew Villegas, March 22
The political ruckus after President Obama signed the health law has not deterred his administration from rolling out regulations, which already affect nearly all Americans.

Health Law's March MadnessTwo Years In, A Consumer Guide To Health Reform Law
By Mary Agnes Carey, March 22
Here’s an FAQ about some of the law’s provisions that are already in place as well as major features of what’s to come, if the law stays in place.

Health Law's March MadnessThe N.J. Experience: Do Reforms Unravel Without A Mandate?
By Jonathan Cohn, March 21
N.J. tried to reform its insurance markets without imposing an individual mandate. Now, supporters say the federal law needs a mandate to achieve its goals.

Health Law's March MadnessIf Mandate Is Overturned, Obama Could Need Help To Salvage The Health Law
By Jordan Rau, March 16
If the Supreme Court throws out the mandate to carry insurance, Obama might need assistance from Congress or insurers to save the overhaul.

Health Law's March MadnessA Primer On The Supreme Court Health Law Oral Arguments
By Stuart Taylor, Jr., March 15
Later this month, the high court will consider the fate of the health law. Here are key points to keep in mind while watching the action.

Health Law's March MadnessVideo: What You Can Expect This Year From The Health Law
By Michelle Andrews, March 15
This year, the health law will bring changes to insurance rebates, flexible spending accounts, preventive care (including contraceptives) and easy-to-read insurance labels.

Health Law's March MadnessPremium Rebates, Coverage Labels, Reduced Medicare Drug Costs Highlight 2012 Health Law Changes
By Michelle Andrews, March 12
Despite deep political division about the health overhaul, implementation marches on.

Health Law's March MadnessThe Hardest Job To Fill (And Keep) In Washington: CMS Chief
By Gilbert M. Gaul, March 11
The revolving door at the top of the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services raises questions about the key agency implementing the health law.