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Beyond The Buzz: What Do Americans Mean By ‘Medicare-For-All’?

Audience members wave signs as Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks during an event to introduce the Medicare for All Act on Sept. 13, 2017. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

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Kaiser Health News Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Rosenthal discussed “Medicare-for-all” and how the U.S. health system differs from others around the world on a recent episode of KERA’s “Think,” a public affairs radio talk show in Dallas. The wide-ranging interview with KERA’s Krys Boyd touched on the ideas Rosenthal and KHN correspondent Shefali Luthra wrote about in a news analysis piece co-published by The New York Times. Times readers, including several physicians, also wrote interesting responses to the analysis.

KHN’s Samantha Young also explored why many voters say they’re “just confused” as politicians across the country toss around health care catchphrases, sometimes interchangeably.

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