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Patients Squeezed in Fight Over Who Gets to Bill for Pricey Infusion Drugs

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To drive down costs, insurers are bypassing hospital system pharmacies and delivering high-priced infusion drugs, including some used in chemotherapy, via third-party pharmacies. Smarting from losing out on billing for those drugs, hospitals and clinics are trying to convince states to limit this practice, known as “white bagging.”

Payback: Tracking the Opioid Settlement Cash


Featured Story Map of Opioid Settlement Cash Table of state councils Localize The Data If you are a journalist who wants to investigate opioid settlement transparency data for your area, here’s how you can do that. Curious to See How Much Opioid Settlement Cash Your Locality Received? Share Your Settlement Story Do you have concerns […]

Clinics Say State’s New Medicaid Drug Program Will Force Them to Cut Services

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On Jan. 1, California started buying prescription drugs for its nearly 14 million Medicaid enrollees, a responsibility that had primarily been held by managed-care insurance plans. State officials estimate California will save hundreds of millions of dollars by flexing its purchasing power, but some health clinics expect to lose money.

‘Drinking Through a Lead Straw’ — $15B Approved to Fix Dangerous Water Pipes

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The infrastructure bill passed Friday funnels $15 billion into lead pipe remediation. Water quality experts say the cost of getting rid of all lead pipes could ultimately cost $60 billion. Still, some health advocates say the new funding will be transformative in allowing communities such as Houston’s Fifth Ward to fix its pipes.