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Would you like to share a news tip, information, or documents with KFF Health News journalists? Here are several ways to do so that can offer a more secure environment than typical communications channels. Keep in mind that no system is 100% secure.

We may not respond to all tips received. If we reply, we will use the same method of communication you have chosen to deliver your tip.

Run any files you send us through a metadata-scrubbing tool to minimize the risk of unintentionally sending information embedded in the documents, such as an author’s name.

Please do not use the channels below to contact us with story ideas or to comment about KFF Health News stories. (Reader reaction can be submitted here:



Send an email to: (Note: Only for secure mail. All story ideas and comments can be sent here.)

To send encrypted emails, you can use Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) — software that allows you to encrypt email messages and attachments. We suggest using the Mailvelope browser extension for Chrome or Firefox, which is easy to set up. Keep in mind that Mailvelope will not encrypt the address of the sender or recipient, the subject line, or information about when the email was sent. All that information will be visible to your email provider.

If you decide to use something other than Mailvelope, our PGP Fingerprint is B3C5 1416 7CA1 BF12 2679 182A 4515 EEF3 6F10 F46B.

More information on Mailvelope: InstructionsFrequently Asked Questions



Message KFF Health News: +1-415-519-8778

You can download this free app for end-to-end encryption of text messages, images, video, and voice calls. Signal retains your phone number, the date you registered with the service, and when you were last active. The app allows messages to self-destruct, on both the recipient’s and sender’s phones, after a set amount of time.

More information from Signal: Instructions For Getting Started | Security & Privacy Details



Message KFF Health News: +1-415-519-8778

You can download this free app for end-to-end encryption of text messages, images, video, documents, and voice calls. Only the sender and recipient can see that content. Facebook says you can limit what account information is shared, but WhatsApp keeps records of the phone numbers involved in the exchange and user metadata, including time stamps on messages.

More information from WhatsApp: Instructions | Security & Privacy Details


Snail Mail

Mail delivered through the U.S. Postal Service is another secure way to send us information or documents. Consider using a public mailbox, rather than a post office.

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