John E. McDonough

Medicaid’s Moment (Guest Opinion)

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While Democrats are effusive in their praise of Medicare, their silence in response to public attacks on Medicaid has been deafening. All the more important, then, is the study released this month by the National Bureau of Economic Research. It makes the job even easier.

A New Cost Control Idea

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When it comes to controlling rising health care costs, we face an urgent problem that leads to a simple question: Is there a smart idea that can be done now? Yes. It’s called “Paying for Outcomes.”

Wyden-Brown And The Health Law: A Match Made In Heaven Or Limbo?

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President Barack Obama’s surprise signal last week to governors that he was willing to give states some extra flexibility in implementing the law is particularly noteworthy because it offers a useful window into the health law’ s evolving politics and the future bargaining that will likely take place.