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Editorial Policy

KFF Health News is a nonprofit news service covering health issues. It is an editorially independent program of KFF and, along with Policy Analysis and Polling, is one of the three major operating programs of KFF. KFF is not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente. All editorial decisions are made by KFF Health News editors and the newsroom’s ethics guidelines are available here.

Original KFF Health News Articles

KFF Health News publishes in-depth investigations and features on as well as shorter quick-turn news articles on developments in the health care system and on national and local health care policy and politics. Nearly all KFF Health News articles are also published by partner news organizations, ranging from leading national publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and USA Today, to national broadcast partners like CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, and NPR, to local newspapers, radio and TV stations, and nonprofit newsrooms. We encourage all other news organizations and publications to reuse our content free of charge. We share all articles and photographs produced by KFF Health News staff under a Creative Commons license. More details on how you can publish our content can be found here.

KFF Health News has a staff of more than 55 reporters, editors, web producers, and photographers/videographers, primarily in D.C. and California, plus a Midwest Bureau based out of St. Louis, and a Mountain States Bureau operating in Colorado and Montana. KFF Health News also works with dozens of freelance reporters, animators, web developers, photographers, and videographers around the nation.

KFF Health News Newsletters

KFF Health News First Edition and Daily Briefing newsletters provide objective, balanced and thorough daily coverage drawing from a wide range of publications. Early each weekday morning, KFF Health News scours these sources and excerpts the most important stories. For more than a decade, these reports have provided readers with daily updates on how the media are covering U.S. health care policy. Sign up for our daily e-mails, as well as weekly and topic-based reports.

Privacy Policy

No information provided by subscribers or users will be provided to any other organization, agency, corporation, other entity, or third party without the expressed written consent of those subscribers and users. Any information provided to KFF Health News will be used solely for the purpose of improving our work. For more comprehensive information see the KFF privacy policy.