Emily Ramshaw, The Texas Tribune

Private Providers In Texas Fight Back Over Service Change

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For years, the state paid private providers who care for people with disabilities to handle their clients’ case management. But an 11th-hour change inserted into the budget last session stripped them of that responsibility, giving it instead to quasi-governmental Mental Retardation Authorities – and potentially creating a conflict of interest.

High Court: Broken Bed Falls Under Malpractice Cap

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As a federal judge considers the constitutionality of Texas’ 2003 medical malpractice reform – and Gov. Rick Perry campaigns for more lawsuit restrictions – the state Supreme Court has ruled that hospital injuries seemingly unrelated to doctor error can fall under Texas’ stringent medical malpractice caps. Some legal observers say the decision is a perversion of legislative intent, but tort reform advocates contend the high court simply closed a huge loophole in liability reforms.

Deuell Asks AG: Can State Ban Abortion Affiliates?

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This story comes from our partner the Texas Tribune . State Sen. Bob Deuell wants Planned Parenthood’s clinics out of the state’s Women’s Health Program, which provides family planning services – but not abortions – to impoverished Medicaid patients. And he says a 2005 law should exclude them already. But for years, the state’s Health […]